Gallery of sponges

Welcome to the island of Krapanj, the cradle of the sponge industry and diving in Croatia.

We are proud to share the history of our island with you. The crafts of our heritage have been our livelihood that have fed us and have made us part of the bigger world. Our island’s history, present and future forms an integral part of this region of the Mediterranean. Following a 300 year old tradition of sponge harvesting, the Žitak Company run by the Jurić family; still adheres to the time honoured ethical and responsible ways of harvesting sponges.

The Company is committed to the protection of the environment as well as protecting the special bond that exists between the sponge divers and the sea that is so much part of the history of Krapanj. Please visit our Sponge gallery where you can see and touch our sponges. You can buy our sponges as unique souvenirs or as original gifts for friends and family.

Natural sea sponges have been used for cleaning and bathing since ancient times. Sponges have a wide variety of applications because of their unique characteristics and consistency. Sponges are firm, yet luxuriously soft and durable. They are also incredibly absorbent and free of static electricity.

Natural sea sponges are vastly superior to man-made sponges. Sponges are sensitive multi-cellular organisms that require warm clean seawater to grow. The beautiful warm unpolluted Adriatic Sea provides the perfect growing conditions and our Euspongia officinalis Adriatica – Dalmata Fina sponges are the finest and best quality in the world. Our sponges are ideal for personal use and are soft enough to use on your face.

Our sponges are unique and exclusive souvenirs that will
always remind you of the wonderful summer that you have spent in the Adriatic.

Thank you for visiting the island and our galery.

Divna Gašperov-Jurić.

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