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Krapanj is the smallest and the lowest inhabited island in the Mediterranean. It is situated in the local waters of Šibenik which has the most numerous island group on the Adriatic. The submarine world of that archipelago is abundant in diversities and resources of plant and animal world.
Sponges and red corals are wide- spread on the rocky parts of the submarine.

The island of Krapanj is known for sponge industry and diving.
The trade started to develop 300 years ago.

ŽITAK – FINA DLMATA d.o.o. is an island company of Jurić family which follows 300 years old tradition of sponge industry and diving. It protects the environmental values and cherishes the bond between man and submarine world.

Sea sponges that ŽITAK FINA DALMATA d.o.o. offers are picked in the submarine world of the Croatian Adriatic, are treated and made in a workshop on the island of Krapanj and therefore they are the real product of the Croatian island.

The company was founded by Ivan- Roko Jurić, (1956- 2002), and now it is represented by Divna Gašperov- Jurić, the founder’s wife.

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